Balcony and Decking

About This Project

Our client asked us to help them with their balcony and decking. The balcony was in need of a rebuild due to weathering over time. The timber had rotted and faded and was bordering on unsafe. We pulled the balcony back to its core, checking all of the weight bearing beams to ensure its structural integrity was still in place.

We created a similar balcony to the existing one, just with a slightly more modern look and feel. We opted for a darker timber stain with a slight red hue to it. Additionally we used a steal cable to form the “railings” of the balcony. This allows plenty of light to come into the property as well as unobstructed views. The end result had a clean and timeless look to it.

Wanted to extent their outdoor entertainment area, our also requested a small decking area to accommodate their 7 piece outdoor dining setting. The was finished the same as the balcony to give the balcony and decking and harmonious look.